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Louisiana Flood Assistance


My heart is back home in Louisiana and I am devastated by the flooding, so many of my friends have lost their homes.

Here is some information about the relief offered by the IRS by the way of tax filing extensions. If any friends back home need help with any of these documents, please contact us – those affected by the flooding will be assisted at no cost.

In response to the severe weather, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced that Louisiana storm victims will have until January 17, 2017, to file certain tax returns and make certain tax payments. Additionally, all workers assisting the relief activities who are affiliated with a recognized government or philanthropic organization qualify for relief.

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Flood Insurance & FEMA Tips:

  1. Download an app or use a camera that has a time/date stamp on all photos
  2. Take a picture of your street sign
  3. Take a picture of your numerical address
  4. Take pictures of water lines on all four sides of the house
  5. If you video, DO NOT TALK
  6. Get pictures of all damage
  7. If you remove damaged floors, leave at least one piece still down to prove quality for replacement costs
  8. When removing carpet, put it in a pile with a person beside it for reference in the photo
  9. Leave a small amount of sheet rock up to show the water line inside of the house
  10. Make sure you have photocopies of anything you give FEMA (they might lose some documentation)

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