Fraud Blocker Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Attorney to Dispute Your Property Taxes

Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Attorney to Dispute Your Property Taxes


Shannon Strong is a Real Estate Attorney that is a native Austinite. She is familiar with Hays, Travis and Williamson Counties. Ms. Strong has lived in San Antonio, as well, where she has presented property tax appeals before the Bexar County Appraisal Board. She has successfully appealed a large number of assessments in the Central Texas Region.

All property is taxed as of January 1st which marks the beginning of the appraisal process across Texas! May 31st is deadline to file appeals (or 30 days after receiving notice).

Reasons to hire an experienced professional:

1) A Real Estate Attorney is familiar with the process, evidence requirements and deadlines associated with the Appraisal Districts;

2) A Real Estate attorney is well-versed in the variables used by the appraisers in placing a value on your property and can make an educated argument that includes supporting documentary evidence. In doing this, your attorney will explain why the assessment should be reduced. A non-exclusive list of the type of documentary evidence that the attorney can help you gather include: comparable properties (comps) from a licensed professional, any receipts reflecting large repairs that your home may need, any closing documents related to the purchase of your home, photos of the home if useful (noting the condition and/or age of your home), and any other relevant information that may be useful in appraising the actual value of your home (such as conditions that may affect your value that the board may not be aware of);

3) Being “armed” with a comprehensive knowledge of your home, your lot size and hiring a professional to document it in a well-organized file for the three members of the appeals review board in a succinct, knowledgeable presentation is likely to increase your chances of success.

4) You, the client, do not have to spend your time attending either the crowded initial informal hearing or the formal appeals hearing when you have a representative negotiating on your behalf;

5) Once you have hired a representative and they have become familiar with your property, you can hire them annually to consistently attempt to stabilize the appreciation of your home’s value from being affected from market booms that cause home prices to sky rocket unreasonably; and finally

6) Leave the worry and stress to a knowledgeable real estate professional while establishing a trusted relationship that can potentially reduce your property taxes over the years.

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