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One traffic ticket can increase your insurance premiums, cause you to lose your license, and more. At Dorothy Butler Law Firm, our experienced Austin, Texas, traffic ticket lawyers help you with your traffic violation, so you don’t face severe penalties. Contact our experienced lawyers and keep your driving record clean by fighting your ticket.

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We Have a 95% Success Rate for Traffic Tickets

Call Our Austin, Texas, Traffic Ticket Lawyers for Any Traffic Violation

We work hard to keep your record clean. That’s why we have a 95% success rate for traffic tickets. We know the process, laws, and what is required to get your ticket dismissed. Our experienced Austin, Texas, traffic ticket lawyers get you the best outcome no matter your type of traffic ticket.

You don’t have to let an accident, a red-light ticket, or another type of traffic ticket follow you for the rest of your life. At Dorothy Butler Law Firm, we fight back against unfair traffic tickets so you don’t have to deal with losing your license, increased insurance premiums, or more.

Get the aggressive representation you need to keep your record clean – call Dorothy Butler Law Firm today.

Our traffic ticket lawyers in Austin, Texas, help with the following:

  • Speeding tickets
  • DUIs/DWIs
  • Parking tickets
  • Red light tickets
  • CDL traffic tickets
  • Reckless driving/careless operation
  • Accidents
  • And much more
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Keep Your Record Clean & Your Insurance Premiums Low with Dorothy Butler Law Firm

Our Austin, Texas, traffic ticket lawyers will travel to you and assist with your ticket. Contact us today to talk to an experienced lawyer and keep your record clear of traffic violations. We’ll walk you through the entire process and fight your traffic ticket in Austin, Texas.

Call our lawyers now to fight your ticket.


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