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Dorothy Butler Law Firm can help you start over with a better financial outlook. Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys serving Austin help reduce or eliminate your debt when you feel overwhelmed. Get started today for a better tomorrow.

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Is Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy the Best Choice for You?

There are two different types of personal bankruptcy chapter 7 and chapter 13. It can be difficult to know what type of bankruptcy to file for and if it’s the best choice for your situation.

At Dorothy Butler Law Firm, our Austin chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys walk through your debt with you and help you decide the best option. Whether you need to file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, our attorneys get you a fresh start.

Get a better financial future when you talk to our chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys today.

When you qualify for chapter 7, our chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys serving Austin work with you to discharge debt such as:

Unsecured personal loans
Business debts
Credit cards
Medical bills
Auto accident loans
Past due utility bills

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Be Prepared for a Debt-Free Future

Becoming debt-free is not simple, but it can be made easier. To qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must pass the Means Test. You’ll be required to provide information such as income, equity, and the time frame of the acquired debt. From there, it will be determined whether you qualify for bankruptcy.

The chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys serving Austin at Dorothy Butler Law Firm make it easy for you to get a fresh start. We’ll walk you through the process and help you get rid of your debts.


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