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Stop Letting Debt Weigh You Down

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with an Attorney in Dripping Springs, Texas

It can be terrifying receiving aggressive phone calls and trying to decide what to do when you’re in debt. At Dorothy Butler Law Firm, our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys in Dripping Springs, Texas, help you make the best decision for your situation and get you back on track financially. Call us today to take back control of your life.

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Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys in Dripping Springs Remove Your Debt

If you’re looking for a clean slate for the future, Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be right for you. As the most common type of bankruptcy, you can have your debt forgiven in as little as four months.

Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys in Dripping Springs eliminate your debt and stop the aggressive phone calls, foreclosure threats, and other pressure measures debt collectors take. We’ll guide you through the process so you can focus on a debt-free future.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Dischargeable Debt

  • Credit Card Debt
  • Medical Bills
  • Personal Loans
  • Other Unsecured Debts

Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Right for Me?

To file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must be able to pass the Chapter 7 Means Test, which was put into place to ensure debtors needed debt forgiveness. Most individuals who take the means test are able to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. To see if you meet the income, equity, and time frame requirements, contact our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys in Dripping Springs, Texas. We’ll help you determine if you’re eligible and eliminate your debt.

Our Dripping Springs Bankruptcy attorneys will also order creditors to stop harassing you so you can focus on a debt-free future.

We stop wage garnishing
We prevent foreclosures
We end collection actions
We block repossessions
woman holding cash gets help from Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney, Dripping Springs

Don’t let debt overshadow your life anymore. Contact us today and start a new life without debt.

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Contact the experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorneys in Dripping Springs at the Dorothy Butler Law Firm if you’re ready to eliminate your debt. We’ll walk you through the entire process and get you ready for a brighter future.

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