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Ending your marriage can be a stressful and complex procedure. You need a seasoned, understanding, and committed divorce lawyer like Dorothy Butler Law Firm to protect your interests in a divorce. Our professional Houston divorce lawyers are here to assist you through this challenging course, providing tailored legal advice and aid for your distinct case.

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Houston, TX, Divorce Services

Dorothy Butler Law Firm’s primary mission is to champion your rights and guide you skillfully throughout the divorce journey

Our empathetic, unwavering Houston divorce lawyers are dedicated to granting individualized attention to each client, presenting specialized legal plans aligned with your specific circumstances. We take on all types of divorce cases and are here to help you transition into a new chapter of your life.

Contested Divorce

Confide in our adept Houston divorce lawyers to safeguard your interests in intricate legal procedures, court hearings, and discussions with your spouse’s legal representatives, enabling you to face this challenging process with assurance.

Uncontested Divorce

Depend on our skillful legal advice to formulate fair and exhaustive divorce settlements, expedite the procedure, and secure your interests, promising a smooth and tension-free resolution.

High-Net-Worth Divorce

Select our skilled team to manage high-stakes cases involving intricate financial concerns, asset allocation, and business interests, securing your financial tranquility and peace of mind.

Child Custody and Support

Our caring Houston divorce lawyers support your parental rights and children’s requirements, offering expert advice through Texas custody and support statutes and prioritizing your family’s welfare.

Spousal Support and Alimony

We comprehend and negotiate fair and suitable spousal support agreements attuned to your specific circumstances.

Property Division

Trust our competence in maneuvering through community property laws to ensure your rights are upheld and assets are equitably distributed, protecting your financial well-being.

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We recognize the emotional and financial strain that accompanies divorce, and our considerate yet assertive methods ensure you receive the aid you need during this challenging time. With our Houston divorce lawyers at Dorothy Butler Law Firm at your side, you can feel confident knowing that we will steadfastly defend your rights while assisting you to traverse the complexities of the legal system with composure and certainty.

Reach out to us today for a free consultation and start focusing on your life post-divorce.

Why Opt for Dorothy Butler Law Firm

Our dedication to you at Dorothy Butler Law Firm goes beyond mere legal representation. We take pride in offering a compassionate and personalized approach that considers your divorce’s emotional and financial facets. Our comprehensive grasp of Texas divorce laws, demonstrated success rate, and high client satisfaction makes us the premier choice for a Houston divorce lawyer.


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