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The Dripping Springs real estate attorneys at Dorothy Butler Law Firm are here to assist you, whether you need a residential sale contract or help with a property tax dispute. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and hear your options.

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Buying & Selling A Home

Real estate transactions are often complicated and hard to understand. Because purchasing a home is one of the most important investments you will make, attention to details and deadlines is extremely important. Ensure that you have professional assistance to complete these transactions when you hire our real estate lawyers in Dripping Springs.

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Deed Preparation

A deed transfers property ownership from one party to another. It is very important to make sure all legal elements are included, and the document is prepared properly since a deed becomes a legally binding document. Let our Dripping Springs real estate attorneys complete your title examination and preparation to ensure there are no surprises.

Property Tax Disputes

Considering trimming your property tax bill by appealing the assessed value of your home? Let the Dripping Springs real estate attorneys at The Dorothy Butler Law Firm assist you by examining your assessment letter, gathering evidence, and presenting your case.

With the recent climate of today’s real estate market, home values have significantly decreased, and in many locations, property taxes have not lowered proportionately. Our Dripping Springs real estate attorneys have experience in analyzing the value of your property and determining if you may be entitled to a tax credit or reduction.


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